Anno 1790

Anno 1790

It is the Age of Enlightenment, the year 1790. After returning from the battlefields of a bloody war in Finland, Swedish army surgeon Johan Gustav Ddh (Peter Eggers) finds himself reluctantly taking on the job as district police commissioner in Stockholm. Unenthusiastic about police work, he still brings tenacity and dispassionate reasoning to the job, with an eye to ensuring that criminals are caught and the innocent remain free. His methods may not be modern but they work, and the motives for the crimes remain unchanged from today: revenge, greed, love, jealousy and politics. Beneath the calm exterior, Ddh is as conflicted as the times he lives in; he's a closeted revolutionary torn between his loyalty to the King and his progressive ideals. He also struggles with forbidden love for his boss wife Magdalena (Linda Zilliacus), who shares his vision for a just and free society.

This Swedish historical crime drama premiered on SVT in Fall 2011.

Anno 1790: Season One

Season One

Original Swedish air dates: Fall 2011

Anno 1790: Season One on DVD


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