The Baron

The Baron

Steve Forrest starred as John Mannering, an antiques dealer and undercover agent for a fictional British intelligence agency in The Baron. The series, based on the books by John Creasey, was produced by ITC Entertainment (the same company that made The Saint) but lasted just one season of 30 episodes. Sue Lloyd played his assistant Cordelia Winfield.

There were several changes between the books and the series. Mannering was a reformed British jewel thief in the books, but changed to the heir of a Texas cattle ranch for the series.

Episodes aired in the US in a different order than they originally aired in the UK.

The Baron: The Complete Series

The Complete Series

Original air dates: 04/17/1966 to 06/12/1966, 10/08/1966 to 03/04/1967

The Baron: The Complete Series on DVD


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