Blood Ties

Blood Ties

Based on the novels by Tanya Huff, Blood Ties starred Christina Cox as private investigator Vicki Nelson, a former detective with the Metropolitan Toronto Police. She was losing her sight, but quit the force rather than accept a desk job. However, her last case involved vampires and the supernatural. She decided to team up with a vampire named Henry Fitzroy (Kyle Schmid) and ex-lover Mike Celluci (Dylan Neal) to battle the forces of evil both normal and paranormal.

Blood Ties debuted in March 2007 and aired 22 episodes over two seasons on Lifetime Television.

Blood Ties: Season One

Season One

Original air dates: 03/11/2007 to 05/20/2007

Blood Ties: Season One on DVD
Blood Ties: Season One on itunes


Blood Ties: Season Two

Season Two

Original air dates: 10/12/2007 to 12/07/2007

Blood Ties: Season Two on DVD


Blood Ties: The Complete Series

The Complete Series

Blood Ties: The Complete Series on DVD
Blood Ties: The Complete Series on Blu-ray Disc


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