Blue Thunder

Blue Thunder

Based on the 1983 movie of the same name, Blue Thunder aired on ABC from January 1984 through April 1984, a half-season of 11 episodes.

The series starred James Farentino at Lt. Frank Chaney of the LAPD who pilots an advanced helicopter (filled with all sorts of special-effects gadgets) that is used to fight crime. A very youthful-looking Dana Carvey played Clinton C. Wonderlove, his rookie partner. The series is also notable for starring two former football greats, Dick Butkus (Richard "Ski" Butowski) and Bubba Smith (Lyman "Bubba" Kelsey).

Blue Thunder: The Complete Series

The Complete Series

Original air dates: 01/06/1984 to 04/16/1984

Blue Thunder: The Complete Series on DVD


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