Four Paris policemen see their lives change when their colleague commits suicide following a case where he is being unfairly blamed. Determined to clear his name they start an investigation of their own, only to find that the police department itself stands in their way. Driven by adrenaline and a thirst for justice, they must turn their backs on the laws they are sworn to enforce if they are to uncover the truth.

The title is slang for "hold-up" or "heist".

Braquo: Season One

Season One

Original France air dates: 10/2009 to 11/2009

Braquo: Season One on DVD
Braquo: Season One on Blu-ray Disc


Braquo: Season Two

Season Two

Original France air dates: 11/2011 to 12/2011

Braquo: Season Two on DVD


Note: Media availability may change without notice.

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