The Bridge 2010

The Bridge 2010

After the rank and file unanimously vote street cop Frank Leo (played by Aaron Douglas) into office as union head, he begins his quest to put street cops first and clean up the force from the ground up. But the old boys' network running the police force and the city's self-serving politicians are not about to sit idly by while a former street cop makes up his own rules. Frank walks a thin blue line as he battles wiretaps and a concerted campaign to bring him down, letting nothing stop him from fulfilling his unwavering vow that when cops are in trouble, he will be there.

This Canadian series aired for just one season (12 episodes) on CTV from March through May 2010. CBS intended to air the series in the US, but canceled it after just three episodes.

The Bridge 2010: The Complete Series

The Complete Series

Original Canada air dates: 03/05/2010 to 05/21/2010; Original US air dates: 07/10/2010 to 07/17/2010

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