Burke's Law

Burke's Law

Gene Barry starred as Amos Burke, the Los Angeles multi-millionaire chief of detectives in Burke's Law. Each episode featured unusual plot twists, glamorous settings and a fabulous list of big name guest stars.

The series aired on ABC from September 1963 through January 1966 and consisted of 81 episodes over 2 and a half seasons. For the final half season, the series premise changed considerably with Burke becoming a secret agent. Renamed Amos Burke, Secret Agent to reflect this new format, the series was unpopular with viewers and was cancelled midway through what would have been its third season.

The series, reverting to its original premise, was briefly revived in 1994 by CBS, again starring Gene Barry in half of its 26 episodes, and Peter Barton playing Burke's detective son Peter in the other half. It lastes only one season.

Burke's Law: Season One (V1)

Season One (V1)

Original air dates: 09/20/1963 to 01/10/1964

Burke's Law: Season One (V1) on DVD


Burke's Law: Season One (V2)

Season One (V2)

Original air dates: 01/17/1964 to 05/08/1964

Burke's Law: Season One (V2) on DVD


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