Case Closed

Case Closed

Case Closed is an anime series that follows the adventures of Shinichi (Jimmy) Kudo, widely regarded as one of the top detectives in the land ... and he is only in high school! The police often solicit his services to solve difficult cases. Despite his age, Jimmy gets results.

Jimmy's father is a writer of detective novels. When Jimmy is given an experimental drug that transforms him into a 7-year-old, he assumes the identity of Conan Edogawa, named in honor of his personal hero, none other than Sherlock Holmes.

The first episode of Case Closed originally aired in Japan in 1996 and remains in production today. Since 1997, a theatrical version of the series has been filmed every year.

Case Closed: Set One

Set One

Original air dates: 01/08/1996 to 07/22/1996

Case Closed: Set One on DVD


Case Closed: Set Two

Set Two

Original air dates: 07/29/1996 to 03/10/1997

Case Closed: Set Two on DVD


Case Closed: Set Three

Set Three

Original air dates: 03/17/1997 to 09/22/1997

Case Closed: Set Three on DVD


Case Closed: Set Four

Set Four

Original air dates: 10/20/1997 to 04/27/1998

Case Closed: Set Four on DVD


Case Closed: Set Five

Set Five

Original air dates: 05/11/1998 to 11/09/1998

Case Closed: Set Five on DVD


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