The Chicago Code

The Chicago Code

The Fox crime drama The Chicago Code follows the Windy City's most powerful and respected cops as they navigate the city's underbelly to fight crime and expose corruption within Chicago's notorious political machine.

Jason Clarke stars as Jarek Wysocki, a local legend and a larger-than-life veteran of the Chicago Police Department who wields considerable power thanks to his relationship with Teresa Colvin (Jennifer Beals), his ex-partner and the city's first female superintendent, now in charge of a 10,000-member police force. While Teresa diplomatically governs amidst the complicated landscape of Chicago politics, Jarek works the streets on a crusade to clean up corruption and crime and avenge his brother's murder.

The series was canceled after airing just one season.

The Chicago Code: The Complete Series

The Complete Series

Original US air dates: 02/07/2011 to 05/23/2011

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