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CHiPs aired on NBC from September 1977 through May 1983 and included 139 episodes over 6 seasons.

Though the series included a large and changing cast, the episodes primarily focused on the adventures of California Highway Patrol motorcycle cops (CHiPs) Officer Jon Baker (played by Larry Wilcox) and Officer Frank "Ponch" Poncherello (Erik Estrada).

A made-for-television movie based on the series was aired in 1998.

CHiPs Season One

Season One

CHiPs: Season One on DVD
CHiPs: Season One on Amazon Instant (Video on Demand)
CHiPs: Season One on iTunes

Original air dates: 09/15/1977 to 04/01/1978.

CHiPs Season Two

Season Two

CHiPs: Season Two on DVD
CHiPs: Season Two on Amazon Instant (Video on Demand)
CHiPs: Season Two on iTunes

Original air dates: 09/16/1978 to 03/10/197910.

CHiPs Season Three

Season Three

CHiPs: Season Three on DVD
CHiPs: Season Three on Amazon Instant (Video on Demand)
CHiPs: Season Three on iTunes

Original US air dates: 09/22/1979 to 03/30/1980.

CHiPs Season Four

Season Four

CHiPs: Season Four on DVD

Original US air dates: 09/21/1980 to 05/17/1981

CHiPs Season Five

Season Five

Original US air dates: 10/04/1981 to 05/23/1982

CHiPs Season Six

Season Six

Original US air dates: 10/10/1982 to 05/01/1983

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