The Commander

The Commander

The Commander is a series of multi-part made-for-television movies that aired on ITV. The series starred Amanda Burton as Clare Blake, New Scotland Yard's highest-ranking woman officer, the Serious Crime Group Commander, and head of the Murder Review Team.

The series was developed by Lynda La Plante who also created the outstanding Prime Suspect series.

The Commander: Set One

Set One

Original air dates: 02/16/2003, 01/10/2005, 01/17/2005, 03/26/2006

The Commander: Set One on DVD


The Commander: Set Two

Set Two

Original air dates: 07/08/2007 to 08/12/2007

The Commander: Set Two on DVD


The Commander: Set Three

Set Three

Original air dates: 11/10/2008 to 11/12/2008


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