Crime Story

Crime Story

Crime Story aired on NBC from September 1986 through May 1988 and consisted of 44 episodes over 2 seasons.

The series was set in 1960s Chicago and Las Vegas and starred Dennis Farina as Lt. Michael Torello, head of the police department's Major Crime Unit that was formed to fight organized crime. Anthony Denison starred as Ray Luca, an ambitious street hood who uses all his talents to gain wealth and power.

The series was created by Michael Mann who was behind the highly successful Miami Vice.

Crime Story: Season One

Season One

Original air dates: 09/18/1986 to 03/13/1987

Crime Story: Season One on DVD


Crime Story: Season Two

Season Two

Original air dates: 09/22/1987 to 05/10/1988

Crime Story: Season Two on DVD


Crime Story: The Complete Series

The Complete Series

Crime Story: The Complete Series on DVD


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