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Doctor Blake Mysteries

Doctor Blake Mysteries

Craig McLachlan stars as the maverick country town doctor Lucien Blake in this original Australian crime drama.

It's 1959. Dr Blake has returned to a place he once called home, to take over his deceased father's medical practice. Everything seems peaceful on the surface, but seething underneath are the age-old passions of a regional town clashing head-on with the tensions and fears of the decade to come.

Haunted by the horrors of war, his own personal loss and changed by his experiences as a POW, the wry, dry, yet very human Dr Blake undertakes his other role as police surgeon with precision and gusto — yet many find his unpredictable and unconventional manner unnerving. Ahead of his time, Blake looks to the science of forensics and his own understanding of the human heart to help solve the mysteries that inevitably come his way.

The series premiered on Australia's ABC in February 2013.

Doctor Blake Mysteries Season One

Season One

Doctor Blake Mysteries: Season One on DVD

Original Australia air dates: 02/01/2013 to 04/05/2013.

Doctor Blake Mysteries Season Two

Season Two

Doctor Blake Mysteries: Season Two on DVD

Original Australia air dates: 02/07/2014 to 04/11/2014.

Doctor Blake Mysteries Season Three

Season Three

Original Australia air dates: 02/13/2015 to 04/03/2015

Doctor Blake Mysteries Season Four

Season Four

Original Australia air dates: 02/05/2016 to …

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