Inspector Lynley

Inspector Lynley

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries first aired March 2001 and is based on characters created by mystery author Elizabeth George.

The series stars Nathaniel Parker as Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley and Sharon Small as Detective Sergeant Barbara Havers. The BBC abruptly cancelled the series in the summer of 2008; no rational reason was cited by the network.

Inspector Lynley: Set One

Set One

Original air dates: 04/08/2002 to 04/29/2002

Inspector Lynley: Set One on DVD


Inspector Lynley: Set Two

Set Two

Original air dates: 03/10/2003 to 03/31/2003

Inspector Lynley: Set Two on DVD


Inspector Lynley: Set Three

Set Three

Original air dates: 03/04/2004 to 03/22/2004

Inspector Lynley: Set Three on DVD


Inspector Lynley: Set Four

Set Four

Original air dates: 03/17/2005 to 04/07/2005

Inspector Lynley: Set Four on DVD


Inspector Lynley: Set Five

Set Five

Original air dates: 07/20/2006 to 08/10/2006

Inspector Lynley: Set Five on DVD


Inspector Lynley: Set Six

Set Six

Original air dates: 05/25/2008 and 06/01/2008

Inspector Lynley: Set Six on DVD


Inspector Lynley: The Complete Series

The Complete Series

See Notes

Inspector Lynley: The Complete Series on DVD

Notes: Set includes all 22 episodes from the 6 sets of the series plus the premiere episode, A Great Deliverance, originally shown in 2 parts in March 2001.

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