Ironside aired on NBC from September 1967 through March 1975 and included 198 episodes over 8 seasons. A made-for-television movie based on the series was aired in 1999.

The pilot, which aired 6 months prior to the series premiere, set up the premise of Chief of Detectives Robert T. Ironside being shot, paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. Raymond Burr starred as Ironside.

Ironside: Season One

Season One

Original air dates: 03/28/1967 (pilot); 09/14/1967 to 04/04/1968

Ironside: Season One on DVD


Ironside: Season Two

Season Two

Original air dates: 09/19/1968 to 04/10/1969

Ironside: Season Two on DVD


Ironside: Season Three

Season Three

Original air dates: 09/18/1969 to 04/09/1970


Ironside: Season Four

Season Four

Original air dates: 09/17/1970 to 04/15/1971


Ironside: Season Five

Season Five

Original air dates: 09/14/1971 to 03/09/1972


Ironside: Season Six

Season Six

Original air dates: 09/14/1972 to 03/22/1973


Ironside: Season Seven

Season Seven

Original air dates: 09/13/1973 to 05/23/1974


Ironside: Season Eight

Season Eight

Original air dates: 09/12/1974 to 01/16/1975


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