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It Takes a Thief

It Takes a Thief

Robert Wagner starred as Alexander Mundy in It Takes a Thief, an international spy series that aired on ABC from January 1968 through March 1970 and included 66 episodes over 3 seasons.

The premise of this terrific series was that Alexander was a cat burglar and professional thief who is recruited by Noah Bain (played by Malachi Throne), the head of a secret US spy agency, to "officially" steal for the government. During the second season, Alexander's dad, Alister Mundy (wonderfully played by Fred Astaire), had a semi-recurring role.

It Takes a Thief Season One

Season One

It Takes a Thief: Season One on DVD

Original air dates: 01/09/1968 to 04/30/1968.

It Takes a Thief Season Two

Season Two

Original air dates: 09/24/1968 to 04/22/1969.

It Takes a Thief Season Three

Season Three

Original air dates: 09/25/1969 to 03/23/1970.

It Takes a Thief The Complete Series

The Complete Series

It Takes a Thief: The Complete Series on DVD

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