JAG (short for Judge Advocate General) aired on CBS from September 1995 through April 2005 and included 227 episodes over 10 seasons.

The series starred David James Elliott as Navy Commander Harmon "Harm" Rabb, a former ace pilot turned lawyer, and (beginning with the second season) Catherine Bell as by-the-book Marine Lt. Commander Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie.

JAG: Season One

Season One

Original air dates: 09/23/1995 to 05/22/1996

JAG: Season One on DVD


JAG: Season Two

Season Two

Original air dates: 01/03/1997 to 04/18/1997

JAG: Season Two on DVD


JAG: Season Three

Season Three

Original air dates: 09/23/1997 to 05/19/1998

JAG: Season Three on DVD


JAG: Season Four

Season Four

Original air dates: 09/22/1998 to 05/25/1999

JAG: Season Four on DVD


JAG: Season Five

Season Five

Original air dates: 09/21/1999 to 05/23/2000

JAG: Season Five on DVD


JAG: Season Six

Season Six

Original air dates: 10/03/2000 to 05/22/2001

JAG: Season Six on DVD


JAG: Season Seven

Season Seven

Original air dates: 09/25/2001 to 05/21/2002

JAG: Season Seven on DVD


JAG: Season Eight

Season Eight

Original air dates: 09/24/2002 to 05/20/2003

JAG: Season Eight on DVD


JAG: Season Nine

Season Nine

Original air dates: 09/26/2003 to 05/21/2004

JAG: Season Nine on DVD


JAG: Season Ten

Season Ten

Original air dates: 09/24/2004 to 04/29/2005

JAG: Season Ten on DVD


JAG: The Complete Series

The Complete Series

JAG: The Complete Series on DVD


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