Line of Duty

Line of Duty

Detective Chief Inspector Tony Gates (Lennie James) is an exemplary cop. He's got the best crime stats on the force and a loyal team working under him. But the head of the police anticorruption unit, Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar), has his doubts about Gates. Is he really that good? And more importantly, is he really that clean?

Hastings decides to find out and calls on a new arrival to his department, Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott (Martin Compston), to help him do it. As the net tightens around Gates, reputations are on the line — and lives are at risk.

This BBC2 original drama first aired in June 2012, available later that year exclusively on Hulu.

Line of Duty: Season One

Season One

Original UK air dates: 06/26/2012 to 07/24/2012

Line of Duty: Season One on DVD


Line of Duty: Season Two

Season Two

Original UK air dates: 02/12/2014 to 03/19/2014


Note: Media availability may change without notice.

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