Matlock aired initially on NBC (the first 6 seasons) and later on ABC (the final 3 seasons) from September 1986 through May 1995 and consisted of 195 episodes over 9 seasons.

Andy Griffith starred as Atlanta defense attorney Ben Matlock, known for charging a $100,000 fee but also known for finding the real culprit of the crime. His defense team changed frequently during the series run, but initially included his daughter, also an attorney (played by Linda Purl) and a private investigator (played by Kene Holliday).

The series was created by Dean Hargrove who was also associated with the revival of the Perry Mason series, Diagnosis: Murder (in an episode of which, during its 4th season, Matlock is pulled out of retirement to defend a colleague of Dr. Mark Sloan), Jake and the Fatman, the Father Dowling mysteries, and more.

Matlock: Season One

Season One

Original air dates: 03/03/1986 (pilot), 09/23/1986 to 05/12/1987

Matlock: Season One on DVD


Matlock: Season Two

Season Two

Original air dates: 09/23/1986 to 05/12/1987

Matlock: Season Two on DVD


Matlock: Season Three

Season Three

Original air dates: 11/29/1988 to 05/16/1989

Matlock: Season Three on DVD


Matlock: Season Four

Season Four

Original air dates: 09/19/1989 to 05/08/1990

Matlock: Season Four on DVD


Matlock: Season Five

Season Five

Original air dates: 09/18/1990 to 04/30/1991

Matlock: Season Five on DVD


Matlock: Season Six

Season Six

Original air dates: 10/18/1991 to 05/08/1992

Matlock: Season Six on DVD


Matlock: Season Seven

Season Seven

Original air dates: 01/07/1993 to 05/06/1993

Matlock: Season Seven on DVD


Matlock: Season Eight

Season Eight

Original air dates: 09/23/1993 to 05/19/1994

Matlock: Season Eight on DVD


Matlock: Season Nine

Season Nine

Original air dates: 10/13/1994 to 05/07/1995

Matlock: Season Nine on DVD


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