Mr. and Mrs. Murder

Mr. and Mrs. Murder

Cleaning up crime is all in a day's work.

Fun-loving and flirtatious couple Nicola (Kat Stewart) and Charlie Buchanan (Shaun Micallef) run a cleaning service for crime scenes. They love their business-and each other-and find that closing cases comes just as naturally as cleaning them up. Their work leads them to clues the police overlook, and their anonymity provides cover to follow-up on their hunches. Nicola's intuition and Charlie's head for arcane facts make them the perfect crime-solving team. With help from their straitlaced niece, Jess (Lucy Honigman), and the indulgence of overworked police detective Peter Vinetti (Jonny Pasvolsky), they crack cases involving people from all walks of life, from zookeepers to plastic surgeons.

This Australian series premiered on Network Ten in February 2013.

Mr. and Mrs. Murder: Season One

Season One

Original Australian air dates: 02/20/2013 to 05/15/2013

Mr. and Mrs. Murder: Season One on DVD


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