Murder Most English

Murder Most English

A kindly detective puts right the wrongs in a sleepy English town in Murder Most English, a series of 4 mysteries (each shown in 2 parts) based on the detective novels by Colin Watson that aired in the UK during May and June, 1977.

Clad in tweed and puffing on a pipe, Detective Inspector Purbright (played by Anton Rodgers) pursues the evildoers of Flaxborough with a doggedness that belies his polite conversation and mild manner. And a good thing, too. For although the quiet country town appears all gentility, beneath the surface lies a darker world of deception, intrigue, treachery, and infidelity.

Murder Most English: The Complete Series

The Complete Series

Original air dates: 05/08/1977 to 06/19/1977

Murder Most English: The Complete Series on DVD

Notes: Set includes: Hopjoy Was Here; Lonelyheart 4122; The Flaxborough Crab; Coffin, Scarcely Used.

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