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Murders at Barlume

Murders at Barlume

Based on the novels by Marco Malvaldi, Murders at Barlume is set in the idyllic beach resort town of Pineta on the beautiful Tuscan coast.

The show stars Filippo Timi as Massimo Viviani, the recently-divorced owner of the local watering hole, Barlume. Massimo loves puzzles of all kinds, and his sharp mind comes in handy as he frequently finds himself moonlighting as an amateur detective, solving strange crimes along with the gossipy gang of eccentric septuagenarians who frequent his establishment.

Italian title: I delitti del BarLume. In Italian with English subtitles.

Murders at Barlume Season One

Season One

Murders at Barlume: Season One on DVD

Original Italian air dates: 11/11/2013-11/17/2013; 05/11/2015-05/18/2015; 01/11/2016-01/18/2016; 01/09/2017-01/16/2017.

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