Nero Wolfe (2000)

Nero Wolfe (2000)

Nero Wolfe aired on A&E from April 2001 through August 2002 and included 21 episodes (many shown in 2 parts) over 2 seasons.

The series features Maury Chaykin as the titular character, a New York City-based private investigator, and Timothy Hutton as his associate Archie Goodwin.

A previous series also titled Nero Wolfe and starring William Conrad as the private detective aired in 1981. It is not (yet) available on DVD.

Nero Wolfe (2000): Season One

Season One

Original air dates: 03/05/2000 and 04/22/2001 to 07/15/2001

Nero Wolfe (2000): Season One on DVD


Nero Wolfe (2000): Season Two

Season Two

Original air dates: 04/14/2002 to 08/18/2004

Nero Wolfe (2000): Season Two on DVD


Nero Wolfe (2000): The Complete Series

The Complete Series

Nero Wolfe (2000): The Complete Series on DVD


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