The Prisoner

The Prisoner

This AMC miniseries was marketed as a "reinterpretation" rather than a "remake" of the classic 1960s series The Prisoner, as it differs substantially in style and execution though the storyline remains roughly the same.

Six believes that he was a security analyst who resigned from his position, only to find himself trapped in a community known only as "The Village", located in a desert seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Six vows to escape, but must determine if his memories are his real life, or simply the delusions of a deluded man.

Jim Caviezel stars as "Six" and the legendary Ian McKellen as his nemesis "Two" in the miniseries, which aired on AMC over three consecutive nights in November 2009.

The Prisoner: The Complete Miniseries

The Complete Miniseries

Original air dates: 11/15/2009 to 11/17/2009

The Prisoner: The Complete Miniseries on DVD
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