Profiler aired on NBC from September 1996 through July 2000 and included 83 episodes over 4 seasons.

This drama about a forensic psychologist with an eerie talent she "sees" crimes being committed after probing the murder scenes starred Ally Walker as forensic psychologist Samantha "Sam" Waters.

Profiler: Season One

Season One

Original air dates: 09/21/1996 to 05/10/1997

Profiler: Season One on DVD


Profiler: Season Two

Season Two

Original air dates: 11/01/1997 to 05/09/1998

Profiler: Season Two on DVD


Profiler: Season Three

Season Three

Original air dates: 10/17/1998 to 06/05/1999

Profiler: Season Three on DVD


Profiler: Season Four

Season Four

Original air dates: 09/25/1999 to 07/01/2000

Profiler: Season Four on DVD


Profiler: The Complete Series

The Complete Series

Profiler: The Complete Series on DVD


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