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Rebus is based on the series character Detective Inspector John Rebus in the mysteries written by Ian Rankin. The series takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The 1st season, consisting of 4 episodes, the first three of which aired in 2000 and 2001 with the fourth finally airing in 2004, starred John Hannah as Detective Inspector John Rebus.

The series resumed in 2006 with Ken Stott as the title character.

Rebus Four Mysteries

Four Mysteries

Rebus: Four Mysteries on DVD

Original air dates: 04/26/2000, 09/06/2001, 09/13/2001, 11/01/2004. Black and Blue; The Hanging Garden; Dead Souls; Mortal Causes.

Rebus Set One

Set One

Rebus: Set One on DVD

Original air dates: 01/02/2006, 03/06/2006. The Falls; Fleshmarket Close.

Rebus Set Two

Set Two

Rebus: Set Two on DVD

Original air dates: 09/08/2006 to 09/29/2006. The Black Book; A Question of Blood; Strip Jack; Let It Bleed.

Rebus Set Three

Set Three

Rebus: Set Three on DVD

Original air dates: 10/05/2007 to 10/26/2007, 12/07/2007. Resurrection Men; The First Stone; The Naming of the Dead; Knots and Crosses.

Rebus The Ken Stott Collection

The Ken Stott Collection

Rebus: The Ken Stott Collection on DVD

All 10 mysteries featuring Ken Stott in the role of Rebus.

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