Thandie Newton stars as Grace Travis, an undercover detective tormented by the possibility that she caused her son's death. In her quest for truth, Grace doubles as an agent for a powerful crime boss Jimmy Laszlo (Marton Csokas) who she believes will lead her to her son's killer. As Grace struggles to become the wife and mother her family now needs, her life is further complicated by her forbidden relationship with Jimmy. In order to stay alive, Grace needs to help Jimmy find the traitor in his midst, while knowing he may have played a part in her tragedy.

This DirecTV original crime drama premiered in Spring 2013.

Rogue: Season One

Season One

Original US air dates: 04/03/2013 to 05/29/2013

Rogue: Season One on DVD


Rogue: Season Two

Season Two

Original US air dates: 05/28/2014 to 07/30/2014

Rogue: Season Two on DVD


Note: Media availability may change without notice.

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