Taggart is one of the longest running series in network television anywhere in the world. In its first episode in 1983, Mark McManus was introduced as Glaswegian police detective Jim Taggart of the Maryhill CID. After McManus' death in 1994, the series continued with an ensemble cast of detectives.

During its early run, the series aired only 2-3 episodes a season. More recently the number has increased to 6 or more on a somewhat irregular schedule.

The early DVDs are not numbered by season, but are distinguished by one of the titles of the episodes on the set.

Taggart: Killer Set

Killer Set

Original air dates: 09/06/19983, 07/02/1985, 07/23/1985

Taggart: Killer Set on DVD
Taggart: Killer Set on Amazon Instant (Video on Demand)


Taggart: Death Call Set

Death Call Set

Original air dates: 09/02/1986, 02/24/1986, 04/15/1987

Taggart: Death Call Set on DVD
Taggart: Death Call Set on Amazon Instant (Video on Demand)


Taggart: Cold Blood Set

Cold Blood Set

Original air dates: 09/09/1987, 12/31/1987, 09/07/1988

Taggart: Cold Blood Set on DVD


Taggart: Root of Evil Set

Root of Evil Set

Original air dates: 09/28/1988, 12/30/1988, 09/05/1989

Taggart: Root of Evil Set on DVD


Taggart: Evil Eye Set

Evil Eye Set

Original air dates: 01/01/1990, 03/01/1990, 09/04/1990

Taggart: Evil Eye Set on DVD


Taggart: Set One

Set One

Original air dates: 12/04/2002 to 01/25/2003

Taggart: Set One on DVD


Taggart: Set Two

Set Two

Original air dates: 10/07/2003, 12/03/2003, 04/30/2004, 12/30/2004 to 01/27/2005

Taggart: Set Two on DVD


Taggart: Set Three

Set Three

Original air dates: 02/03/2005, 09/16/2005 to 09/30/2005, 11/04/2005 to 11/11/2005, 12/09/2005 to 12/16/2005

Taggart: Set Three on DVD


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