Touching Evil

Touching Evil

Touching Evil aired as a series of 8 2-part episodes on ITV1 from April 1997 through June 1999.

The series starred Robson Green as Detective Inspector Dave Creegan and Nicola Walker as Detective Inspector Susan Taylor, members of the Organized and Serial Crime Unit, a rapid-response crime squad that use diverse techniques to bring criminals to justice.

A remake of the series aired on USA Network from March 2004 through June 2004. One episode is available on the Brilliant But Cancelled: Crime Dramas DVD.

Touching Evil: Series One

Series One

Original air dates: 04/29/1997 to 06/03/1997

Touching Evil: Series One on DVD


Touching Evil: Series Two

Series Two

Original air dates: 04/29/1998 to 05/28/1998

Touching Evil: Series Two on DVD


Touching Evil: Series Three

Series Three

Original air dates: 05/16/1999 to 06/06/1999

Touching Evil: Series Three on DVD


Touching Evil: The Complete Collection

The Complete Collection

Touching Evil: The Complete Collection on DVD


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