Trial & Retribution

Trial & Retribution

Crime to court suspense is the hallmark of Trial & Retribution, a drama created by Lynda LaPlante, who was also responsible for the long-running series Prime Suspect.

Similar in format to Law & Order, each episode follows cases from the commission of the crime and the police investigation to the trial of the accused. The series stars David Hayman as Detective Superintendent Mike Walker and Kate Buffery as Detective Inspector Pat North in the early episodes, later Victoria Surfit at Detective Inspector Roisin Connon.

The series premiered on ITV1 in 1997 and was produced as a once a year episode until 2006 when additional episodes were produced and aired annually. The first 6 episodes are somewhat unimaginatively titled Title & Retribution I, II, III, IV, etc. and were each shown in 2 parts.

Trial & Retribution: Set One

Set One

Original air dates: 10/19/1997-10/20/1997, 10/18/1998-10/19/1998, 10/07/1999, 10/14/1999, 10/04/2000-10/05/2000

Trial & Retribution: Set One on DVD


Trial & Retribution: Set Two

Set Two

Original air dates: 06/19/2002-06/20/2002, 10/06/2002-10/07/2002, 09/01/2003-09/02/2003, 10/11/2004-10/12/2004

Trial & Retribution: Set Two on DVD


Trial & Retribution: Set Three

Set Three

Original air dates: 11/07/2005-11/08/2005, 01/14/2007-01/15/2007, 01/21/2007-01/22/2007

Trial & Retribution: Set Three on DVD


Trial & Retribution: Set Four

Set Four

Original air dates: 01/28/2007 to 02/13/2007

Trial & Retribution: Set Four on DVD


Trial & Retribution: Set Five

Set Five

Original air dates: 01/17/2008 to 03/13/2008

Trial & Retribution: Set Five on DVD


Trial & Retribution: Set Six

Set Six

Original air dates: 03/20/2008 to 03/27/2008; 01/09/2009 to 02/13/2009

Trial & Retribution: Set Six on DVD


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