In modern London, the detectives of the Whitechapel district must, in the first season, deal with a series of copycat historical crimes in this British crime drama. Later seasons expand the scope of the team's investigations.

The series stars Rupert Penry-Jones as Detective Inspector Joseph Chandler, Phil Davis as DS Ray Miles, and Edward Buchan as an authority on historical crimes.

Note: The Season 1 DVD includes only the first three episodes of the series that originally aired on BBC. Later episodes aired on ITV, which canceled the series after four seasons.

Whitechapel: Season One

Season One

Original UK air dates: 02/02/2009 to 02/16/2009; Original US air dates: 10/26/2011 to 11/30/2011

Whitechapel: Season One on DVD
Whitechapel: Season One on Amazon Instant (Video on Demand)


Whitechapel: Season Two

Season Two

Original UK air dates: 10/11/2010 to 10/25/2010; Original US air dates: 10/26/2011 to 11/30/2011


Whitechapel: Season Three

Season Three

Original UK air dates: 01/30/2012 to 03/05/2012; Original US air dates: 03/28/2012 to 05/02/2012


Whitechapel: Season Four

Season Four

Original UK air dates: 09/04/2013 to 10/09/2013


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