Wycliffe is a crime drama series that aired on ITV1 for 5 seasons from 1994 through 1998.

The series stars Jack Shepherd as Detective Superintendent Wycliffe, an old school police office deeply suspicious of new-fangled policing methods imposed on his windswept Cornish beat. Far from being idyllic Cornwall is alive with crime of all sorts including smuggling and murder. He has two trusty assistants disillusioned Detective Inspector Doug Kersey (Jimmy Yuill) and Detective Sergeant Lucy Lane (Helen Masters).

Wycliffe is based on the character in a series of crime novels by W. J. Burley.

Wycliffe: Series One

Series One

Original air dates: 07/24/1994 to 08/24/1994

Wycliffe: Series One on DVD


Wycliffe: Series Two

Series Two

Original air dates: 06/18/1995 to 08/06/1995

Wycliffe: Series Two on DVD


Wycliffe: Series Three

Series Three

Original air dates: 06/09/1996 to 08/11/1996

Wycliffe: Series Three on DVD


Wycliffe: Series Four

Series Four

Original air dates: 06/29/1997 to 08/24/1997

Wycliffe: Series Four on DVD


Wycliffe: Series Five

Series Five

Original air dates: 05/17/1998 to 07/05/1998

Wycliffe: Series Five on DVD


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