The Field of Blood

The Field of Blood

Based on the crime novels of Denise Mina, this series stars Jayd Johnson as Paddy Meehan, a gutsy young reporter-in-training, who often finds herself in the middle of the crime stories she's covering.

Amidst the gritty Glasgow of the early 1980s, Paddy is struggling to make a name for herself in the macho newsroom of the Daily News. At work, Paddy is up against hardened reporters who doubt her; at home, she's fighting her rigid Catholic family, who just want her to get married. But Paddy's passion for digging into the darkest corners of the city comes first. She's not above crossing a few lines to get to the truth-and that dedication often puts her in the crosshairs, not just with her sexist colleagues, but with the desperate subjects of her stories.

The Field of Blood: Set 1

Set 1

Original UK air dates: 05/08/2011-05/09/2011; 08/08/2013-08/09/2013

The Field of Blood: Set 1 on DVD

Notes: Two episodes, adapted from the novels The Field of Blood and The Dead Hour.

Note: Media availability may change without notice.

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