Highway Patrol

Highway Patrol

Broderick Crawford stars as Dan Mathews, the head of a police force in an unidentified Western US state (though unmistakably set in California), in this syndicated series that aired for four seasons from 1955 through 1959. Though modeled after the California Highway Patrol, the episodes in this series investigated crimes beyond those that might occur on the road.

Highway Patrol: Season One

Season One

Original US air dates: 10/03/1955 to 06/25/1956


Highway Patrol: Season Two

Season Two

Original US air dates: 10/08/1956 to 07/01/1957

Highway Patrol: Season Two on DVD


Highway Patrol: Season Three

Season Three

Original US air dates: 10/07/1957 to 06/30/1958

Highway Patrol: Season Three on DVD


Highway Patrol: Season Four

Season Four

Original US air dates: 10/06/1956 to 06/29/1959

Highway Patrol: Season Four on DVD


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